Office relocations

TRALLERO, the best office relocation solution.
Office relocation specialists be they complete, partial or internal moves. We understand how
complicated an office relocation can be and so we aim to minimise the employees’ work
disruption by offering a rapid, secure and agile service

We offer the following services:

• Dismantling and assembly of furniture.

• Specialised removal of IT equipment.

• We provide all packing material and we will make ourselves available if you wish to take part
in the removal.

• We code all the items to move in agreement with our clients in order to position them easily
at the destination address

• A special 24/365 service in order to minimise the interruption to your company activity.

Remember we have a records storage service available for your documentation.

We take charge of collecting the effects (furniture, documentation, etc..) that you no longer
need and take them to waste disposal and provide you with the destruction certificate.