Records storage

Since the emergence of the LOPD (Protection of Personal Data Law)(15/1999), it is mandatory
to protect personal data, to regulate the safety and confidentiality of communications, access
to the information, storage, the destination and purpose of data, establishing sanctions etc.., it
is becoming more common nowadays for documentation to be in the hands of professionals.

TRALLERO offers the following services:

• Removal of your documentation to our warehouses.
• Packing and unpacking the documentation maintaining its order.
• Records storage.
• Insertion and re-insertion service (sending requested documentation either electronically or
• Certified destruction of requested documentation.
• Document digitalisation.
High security installations with permanent surveillance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
The conditions of the installation are excellent and equipped with advanced security systems,
fire detectors and temperature and humidity controls. They are specially designed to
safeguard your documentation.