More than 100 years of experience

Company recognized worldwide, committed to the best service.

Welcome to TRALLERO

Company specializing in private and corporate moving.

Every year we move thousands of families who place their trust in us to their new homes, offering them personalized treatment according to their needs.

We help companies in moving their offices by offering a full or partial service.


Our Services

Barcelona Removals

We offer the Local Removal service in Barcelona and possess the best team of professionals...

Madrid Removals

We offer you the local moving service In the Community of Madrid, we have the best team of professionals for this.

Office relocation

Specialists in office relocation be they integrated, partial or internal moves.

National Removals

We offer the National Removal service and possess the best team of professionals...

International Removals

We offer you our International Removal service and have at your disposal the best team of professionals...

Destination Service (DSP)

Integral management for expatriate relocation in Barcelona and Madrid.

Furniture Storage

Suitable furniture storage service both in Barcelona and Madrid.

Documentation Custody

Maximum security 24/7.

DEPOT service

We offer at your disposal our logistic/port activity service in our installations in Madrid and Barcelona.

Vehicle relocation

One of the associated services to the national and international move is the transfer of vehicles.

Pet relocation

In Trallero we have more than 30 years moving the pets of our clients.

Laboratory / Hospital relocation

Laboratory and hospital removals require a different treatment from conventional removals.


“The high quality of the service we provide to our clients has meant that we have been making removals for over 100 years”.

“We make your move our main concern. This is the formula that has allowed us to provide removals services with the maximum quality and safety for 100 years”.

Ask for a budget

If you would like a quote for your removal, we will send a sales representative to your home without any cost. Once the TRALLERO representative has visited you, we will provide you with a closed quote in writing.