In Trallero we are fully aware of the importance of everybody’s contribution; companies, institutions, public administration and individuals, to the promotion of responsible practices which respect the environment and permit society to move forward towards a better world.
For this reason, we have integrated some environmental directives in our business strategy

These directives are set out in our Environmental Policy which was inspired by two main principles: compliance with all the current environmental norms and the constant improvement of activities aimed at protecting the environment. Our commitment to these principles ensures the prevention, protection and conservation of the environment.

Environmental policy:

In order to fulfil these principles, we at TRALLERO propose:

  • To take necessary measures to prevent pollution, and when this may not be possible, to reduce pollution emissions to the minimum.
  • To reduce waste systematically by recycling and reutilising whenever possible, and managing natural resources, raw materials and energy efficiently.
  • To apply necessary measures to guarantee that our local, national and global activities comply with the environmental laws in place.
  • To communicate our environmental policy to our employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • To train and raise awareness in our employees so that in their daily work they follow the environmental policy.
  • To establish procedures for periodic reviews of the fulfilment of the environmental policy as well as applying corrective measures when they are not fulfilled.
  • To perform a process of continual improvement of our activities respecting the environment.