TRALLERO, the best office relocation solution.

Specialists in office relocation be they integrated, partial or internal moves.

The Trallero team will undertake a planned, rapid, agile and safe relocation in such a way as to interrupt the company’s activity as little as possible.

We offer the following services:

  • Commercial advice to help you with the planning and determining time necessary to undertake the service.
  • Supply of packing material.
  • Boxing and unboxing support for archive documentation.
  • Dismantling and subsequent assembly of furniture.
  • Disconnexion and subsequenty reconnexion of IT equipment.
  • Relocation of all IT equipment.
  • Coding each work station according to destination placement plan.
  • Relocation of safes, wall monitors etc…
  • Special 7/24/365 service to interrupt normal company activity as little as possible.
  • Furniture storage service.
  • Documentation and archive custody and storage.
  • Certified destruction of documentation and archives.
  • Destruction and recycling of obsolete furniture at designated recycling site.