TRALLERO is a hundred-year old company in the removals sector and we adapt to changes in the market with an open mentality. Companies have diversified and established themselves in new countries and cities. From this point onwards, the companies have also begun to move their employees out. We realise this situation and, as a removals company and our knowledge
of international removals, we have created our RELOCATION SERVICES department. We became part of EURA (European Relocation Association) which is recognised worldwide as one
of the best relocation companies.

This service is aimed at companies that wish to move their workers by offering them a TRANSFER. We facilitate the HR departments with help in managing the complete removal service to make it easy, rapid, comfortable and secure. We offer various programs which will
help their employees to settle down in their new country. As we are an international removals
company, we are experts in preparing the customs documentation in the country of origin and
destination and how to plan an international move. We rely on the best real estate
professionals, companies, administrators and customs agents, amongst others, as well as our
own international agents.

We offer the following services:

• Personalised clients needs analysis
• Management of immigration papers
• Provide information about the destination city
• Together with the client, three homes are selected giving the client the final decision.
• Family integration in the new city (children’s school, gym, etc.…)
• General assistance services (car purchasing, entertainment, etc.…)
And of course, the door-to-door removal service setting out the collection and delivery dates
for the furniture.

TRALLERO offer you the best RELOCATION service to save your company time and money