We offer the Local Removal service in Barcelona and possess the best team of professionals from sales representatives who will advise you according to your needs with staff specialized in packing all types of personal belongings and furniture ranging from the everyday to the most delicate and complex items.

Removal process:

  • Inspection visit.
  • Closed quote in writing.
  • Removal day.
  • Unloading and subsequent assembly of furniture.
  • Loading and relocation in padded removal lorry.
  • Delivery and placement of furniture.
  • Management and payment of taxes to reserve public space in local council.

We offer two types of service: Standard and Complete

The Standard Service, involves client collaboration with the removal by boxing, helping with the wrapping and unwrapping of their possessions and dismantling and reassembling furniture. We supply the packaging material and we give instructions. All this results in a cheaper option for you.

The Complete Removal Service is aimed at those who lack either time or simply do not want to worry about anything leaving the complete service in the hands of professionals. Our operational staff will manage the whole removal service: the complete wrapping and unwrapping of the goods, dismantling furniture, assembling and subsequent placement of furniture at the client’s request as well as any additional service you may require in your removal.


The team at Trallero will handle our client’s belongings with the greatest care even though there is an inherent risk involved. For this reason, Trallero contracts policies with the best insurance companies to cover any eventualities and advises each client individually.