Removals and furniture storage,
From the family business to the international market

MUDANZAS Y GUARDAMUEBLES, from a family company to the international market.

TRALLERO was born in the year 1919 at the hands of Ramón Trallero Llop in the city of Barcelona.

The removals sector has changed and evolved throughout our 100 years of life, and so has TRALLERO.
Growing in a city like Barcelona, which is constantly changing and evolving, has forced us to be at the forefront at every moment.

“From pulleys to modern lifting equipment”

It didn’t take long for the second generation, with Ramón Trallero Sancho in command, to make Trallero a leading removals company in Spain.
The trend of removals to the rest of the European continent began in the 70’s and with that,Trallero began its international evolution.

From that moment on, Trallero began to become a member of the main international removals associations allowing them to offer worldwide services with the highest guarantee.
“National Growth”. We opened Trallero’s head office in Madrid offering our services in the
Spanish capital and allowing us to take advantage of the continuous transport between the two cities.

We joined EURA in 2008 and Trallero began to offer a new Company Relocation service.

“From removals by handcarts to integrated services”

A cross-generational evolution which demonstrates both the experience and the trust shown
by the clients towards Trallero – the removals family.

“Trallero, a historical removals firm”.