We offer you the local moving service in the Community of Madrid, for which we have the best team of professionals, from salespeople who will advise you based on your needs, to workers specialized in packing all types of belongings and furniture, from the most common to the most delicate and complex.

Process of a move:

  • Inspection visit.
  • Budget closed and in writing.
  • Moving day.
  • Disassembly and subsequent assembly of furniture.
  • Loading and transfer in capitoné moving truck.
  • Delivery and location of the furniture.
  • Management and payment of fees for the reservation of public space in the City Hall.

We have two types of services: Standard Service and Full Service

The Standard Service implies that the client wants to collaborate in the move, making the boxes, helping with the packing and unpacking of their goods or assembly and disassembly of the furniture. We will provide you with the packaging material and we will tell you how to do it. All this means a cheaper option for you.

The Compete Moving Service is aimed at those people who do not have time, or simply want to not worry, leaving the entire service in the hands of professionals. Our operational staff will take care of the entire process of your move: complete packing and unpacking of all goods, disassembly of furniture, assembly of furniture and subsequent location at the request of the client, in addition to any additional service you may need in your move.


Trallero’s team handles our clients’ belongings with rigorous care, even so there is always an inherent risk. For this reason, Trallero hires the best insurance companies to cover these eventualities, advising each client individually.